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We offer high-quality courses in Accounting, Economics, and Finance.


Edspira is your path to success.

  • Multiple courses – accounting, finance, economics…

  • International – 70% of our students live outside the U.S.

  • Real case studies – our podcast and blog bring business concepts to life


To make a high-quality business education freely accessible to the world.

We want to live in a world where all people, regardless of background, can learn business skills and achieve their dreams.


“I never left a video not understanding things.  Edspira has helped me make my dreams come true. It literally got me my job.”


HANEEN WAFA MASSOUD, 22, Jordan, studying for CMA

“Edspira was this miracle YouTube channel keeping my grade afloat.  It was everything I needed.”


ZACHARY PAQUIN, Connecticut, studying for CPA

“It makes it really easy for me to study.  I’m more of a visual learner and going through these videos makes it a lot easier for me to understand some topics.”


FAIEZ SYED, Toronto, Canada, CPA

“Being a teacher myself, I had to congratulate Michael.  His teaching is very close to what I think teaching should be: always keeping the students’ viewpoint or perspective in mind to understand potential misconceptions.”


HARALD GUHA, Professor of Law at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

“There are a couple classes I wouldn’t have passed without Edspira.  Without him I might have dropped out mid way, I don’t know what I would have done.”



ROBERT BRYANT, 58, Pleasantville, Indiana, BA in Accounting

“I came across Edspira when I was struggling with my Accounting class.  It was so easy to follow and so easy to understand and I would just wish that he was my teacher.”



RODRIGO NUNEZ, 38, California, studying for CPA

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Why am I giving all this away?!?
Because education changed my life.
I’m an award-winning university professor who came from humble beginnings.  Homeless at the age of seventeen, I dreamed of one day going to college.  I was fortunate to achieve my dream, obtaining my PhD from Washington University in St. Louis and becoming a licensed CPA.  I’m privileged to have a nice home, plenty of food, and an amazing spouse.  Thus, I’ve dedicated my life to making education more accessible and helping others achieve their dreams.

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