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This blog is about making high-quality, peer-reviewed business and economic research accessible and easy to understand.  Thousands of articles are published in academic journals each year, but very few make an impact in the business world.  My goal is to sift through publications from top-tier journals to find topics that have relevance to business school students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. 

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You’re probably aware that Edspira began with video tutorials for business and personal finance topics.  I continue to produce videos, which are available for free on this website and at the Edspira YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/Edspira 

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However, the purpose of the blog is not to repeat the content from the videos but to explore how business and economic concepts are shaped by academic research.  The videos tell you how to calculate Net Income and how to put together Income Statement, but they don’t tell you whether companies are manipulating Net Income with discretionary accruals to increase their chance of qualifying for a government subsidy.  That information is found in peer-reviewed journals, where academics run experiments or analyze large datasets to examine the behavior of people, firms, and markets.  You might not be able to read these journals because:

•  You don’t have a subscription

•  You don’t have training in statistics

•  You don’t have time to read 40-page articles

•  You generally try to avoid pain

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I will try to make your life easier by scanning journals for the most relevant and exciting topics and then sharing them with you here on the blog.  In so doing, I intend to bridge the gap between academia and real people.  Years of making video tutorials and teaching at the university level have taught me how to make complex topics easier to understand.  I’m not perfect but I will do my best to make cutting-edge research findings simple to digest and apply in your life.

There’s just one more thing.  Academic research can be boring (shocking, I know) so I will lighten up the mood with humor whenever possible. 

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I look forward to sharing knowledge with you. 

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